Raagi/kambu kali | raagi mudha

yurekha vinoth | August 01, 2017 |


1 cup raw rice
3 cups water
1/2 cup raagi and 1/2 cup kambu(bajri flour)


1. Coarse grind raw rice in a mixer jar. Sieve and wash it once.
2.In a wide bottomed vessel boil 2 cup of water. Add rinsed rice and cooked until it's soft and done 100%
3.meanwhile mix flour to 1 cup of water and required salt
4. Once rice done pour the dissolved flour to it.
5. Stir nicely and allow it to cook.
6. Place your hand in water and touch on cooked rice. If it's not sticking it's done. Switch off the flame.
7. Place a bowl of water nearby. Dip your hands and take big sized kali(cooked rice). Make balls and serve with spicy gravy.

We had with dry fish gravy. yumm yummy yummy.Eat Healthy.

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