Ela ada | Banana leaf wrapped kozhukattai

yurekha vinoth | March 31, 2017 |

Recipe source:MIL


1 cup raw rice
1/2 cup water

For stuffing

1/4 cup sesame seeds/Ellu
1/4 cup jaggery
2 pinch of cardamom powder


1.Soak rice for 2 hours. Drain the water and spread on dry cloth. Let it become dry under fan. Meanwhile wash and clean banana leaf and cut into medium size rectangle shape.
2.In a bottomed pan roast the grounded rice flour. Add required water,salt and stir continuously. Allow it to cook soft and switch off the  flame.
3.Take the dough out and knead well for an minute.
4.Meanwhile In a pan roast the sesame seeds. Wait until it crackers. Switch off the flame and cool down. Grind into coarse powder.
5.Powder the jaggery(i grated). Mix grounded sesame seeds,cardamon powder and powdered jaggery. Stuffing is ready.
6.Now take medium size balls from the prepared dough and place in the banana leaf. Gently press with your fingers to flatten thin. Place some sesame filing in center and wrap it.(make sure you flatten thin base)

7.Heat the idly pot and steam for 12-15 mins.
8.Take out and transfer to a serving plate. Enjoy hot. It's so soft and melting.

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