Paal Kozhukattai | with Coconut milk

yurekha vinoth | August 10, 2016 |


Rice flour  1 cup
Coconut milk thick 1 cup
Cardamom 3 crushed
Jaggery       1/2 cup
Salt as required

Hint Procedure

Rice flour-salt-water-mix- Small balls- melt jaggery-add balls- coconut milk and elachi-serve

Detailed Procedure

1.Make thick coconut milk from 1 cup of coconut.

2.Mix the rice flour with salt and water. Make small small balls or any any shape as you like

3.Melt the jaggery with half a cup of water in a large pan. Strain the jaggery water and add the balls.Allow it cook soft for 10 mins.

 4. Now add thick coconut milk and stir well. Let it boil for 5 mins. Add crushed elachi and serve hot or room temp.

If you refrigerate the rice balls will become so hard.

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