Jackfruit kulfi | palapazham kulfi

yurekha vinoth | August 21, 2016 |
Why not kulfi with jackfruit? Its very different in taste and was tasting too good. Try this !


Jack fruit 5
Whole milk   1 cup
Heavy cream 1/4 cup
Cashew     5 no's
Sugar 5 - 6 tsp
Elachi powder   A pinch


1. De seed the ripened  jackfruit and wash.
2.Boil the milk and jackfruit. Let it boil till milk reduces half and fruit Cooks completely.
3. Add sugar and stir well. Switch off the flame.
4. Add Elachi powder and cashews. Blend well.
5.Pour in kulfi moulds and let in set for 4 hours min in refrigerator.


Make sure you are buying sweetend jackfruit. 

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