Homemade paneer | cottage cheese

yurekha vinoth | August 10, 2016 |


Whole milk
1 litre
½ cup
Cheese cloth

Hint procedure

Boil milk-Add vinegar or lime juice-curdle-drain-squeeze-put weight on it-cut into cubes-store

Detailed Procedure

1.Boil the milk in medium flame until its boiling.
2.Add the vinegar and allow it to curdle completely.
3.Drain it using cheese cloth and show in running water for for few seconds.
4.Squeeze it and place weight on it. Let it stand for 1 hour plus.
5.Cut into cubes and store in air tight cover.


1.I used one cooker full of water as a weight.
2.4-5 Tbsp of lime juice can be replaced vinegar.

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