Ridgegourd skin thogayal | Peerkangai thol thogayal

yurekha vinoth | July 22, 2016 |
Best out of waste, We all throw the skin of ridge gourd and use only inner part for making kootu or sabzi. Why not make use of skin too? Here is the delicious healthy recipe made out of  outer skin of ridge gourd. Try it ! :)


Ridge gourd skin     -   from 1
Coconut                   -   1/2 cup
Whole urad dal        -   1 Tbsp
Green chilli              -   1
Red chilli                 -    2 or 3
Mint leaves              -    handful
Tamarind                  -    small piece
Oil                            -  Tsp

Hint Procedure

Peel the skin of ridgegourd-pan-oil-urad dal-red chilli-peeled skin-coconut-tamarind-green chilli-salt-grind


1.Wash and Peel the ridge gourd skin. Make use of inside part for subzi/kootu anything as you wish.

2.Heat the oil and add urad dal. Fry until its golden brown.

3.Add red chilli followed by.

4.Add the ridge gourd skin and saute well.

5.Add the coconut cubes and tamarind. saute well

6. Add the washed mint leaves followed by adding salt.

7.Finally add the green chilli and allow it to cook for few seconds. Transfer to a jar and grind to a fine paste or coarse grind as you wish.

Ready ! serve with hot steamed rice/idly/dosa/roti .

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