Mallithas| Sweet roti

yurekha vinoth | June 02, 2016 |
Mallithas is a sweet roti which falls under sweets category. Yummy filling snack idea. When i was 10 years old my house owner daughter-in-law she makes this often and give to us. I also ask my mom to make for me. Since it is maida based roti we have very rarely. But we love to have this sweet roti.


Maida/All purpose flour
1 cup


Coconut scraps
½ cup
2-3 Tsp

Hint Procedure

Maida-salt-water- Make the dough- boil the water in large pan-make small rotis-add rotis in boiling water-take out-mix coconut scraps and sugar-keep the sugary coconut middle of roti-serve

Detailed Method

1.Add salt and water to the flour and make a dough for roti.

2.Roll the roti and cut into a round shape.

3.Boil the water and plac the rotis into it. Cook until it comes up.

4.Mix the sugar with grated coconut. Place the coconut filling in center of the roti and close tight.

Serve immediately.


Little bit ghee can also be add with coconut.


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