Meen Kuzhambhu | Fish Curry

yurekha vinoth | May 04, 2016 | |
This method of meen kuzhambhu i learnt form my MIL. Try this. It will a sooper dooper hit show in your home.
 Source: Mother-in-law
 Serves: 5 People
 Time : 45 mins


Any Fish(Medium sized)
1 Big
2 Small
Lemon sized ball
Chilli powder
3 Tbsp
Turmeric powder
1 Tsp
3 Tbsp
Mustard seeds
1 Tsp
For taste

To grind

Curry leaves
1 string
Coriander leaves
½ bunch
5 pods

To roast and grind

Pepper corns
1 Tsp
1 Tsp


1.Clean the fish and wash with rock salt.I took butter fish for today.

2.Grind all the ingredients which is mentioned above "To grind" table. Dissolve the tamarind with required amount of water.

3.In a deep vessel or pan heat oil and add mustard seeds and vadagam.
4.Add chopped onion and tomato. Saute well. Now add grounded masala. Saute well for 5 mins until raw smell goes off.
5.Add chilli powder,turmeric powder and required salt.Add the tamarind water. Water level should be full. Close the lid and let it to boil for 20-25mins in medium high flame.

6.In a pan roast the pepper and jeera. Ground finely

7.After boiling for nearly 20 mins the water level should have reduced to 3/4th and got thick consistancy. At this stage add roasted powder and check for salt.

8.Finally add cleaned fish and allow it to cook for 5 mins not more than it.

Meen kuzhambu is ready to serve. Perfect side dish would be Royallu igguru. 


1.If your gravy is tangy add extra soon of chilli powder.
2.I would recommend to do this fish curry before day night. Awesome taste on next day.
3.Do not skip roasted powder.

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