Homemade Ghee

yurekha vinoth | May 20, 2016 |


Butter 500gms

One Line Procedure

Heat pan-Melt ghee-Maintain medium flame-wait for 20 mins-filter-store

Detailed Method

1.Keep the butter at room temperature.

2.Heat the deep vessel or pan in medium flame. Once the pan is slightly medium hot place the butter on it. It starts melts.

3.After 5 mins it melts completely as shown in pic

4.After 10 mins we can see small bubbles and the foam are formed which will be disappeared later. Maintain the heat on low-medium.

 5.Now the milk solids are started being seperated after 15 mins.

6.Wait until all the milk solid turns golden brown color and switch off the flame immediately. This entire process took 20 mins for me.

7. Put just one rock salt so that all the impurities will settle at down. Then filter it with stainer twice or with cheese cloth several times.

8.Store at room temperature or keep refrigerated. Home made pure ghee is ready at within 20 mins.


1.I have heard adding curry leaves dipped in a buttermilk will give your more flavor.
2.Maintain medium to low flame. Do not over burnt the milk solid.
3.Small tip: Use stainless steel deep vessel to prepare ghee.

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