Hash Browns

yurekha vinoth | May 18, 2016 | |
Simple snack idea for the kids. Within few mins hash browns are can be done. Have a potatoes? Start trying now,

Makes: 4 small hash browns


4 medium sized
½ Tsp
For seasoning
For seasoning
½ Tsp(optional)
1 Tsp


1.Wash and peel the pototoes.. Shred the potatoes on bigger size shredder. 

2.Place on paper towel and sqeeze the water as much as you can.Do it twice or thrice.

3.Microwave the pat dried potatoes placed on two thick paper towels for 2 mins on high.

4.Remove from microwave gently.You will get little bit sticky potatoes. Now season with salt and pepper.

5.In a iron skillet heat butter and oil. Make small round shapes and press them like thin patties. Gently take them with spatula and place on hot skillet.

6.Drizzle some milk on top of it. Cook them on both sides until crispy .

Home made hash browns are quick ready to serve with honey or maple syrup or hot syrup.Kids will love 'em. Crispy outside soft inside.


1.Can squeeze with muslin cloth or any cloth to remove the excess water.
2.After grating the potatoes wash them in cold water to remove starch. Then squeeze the water.I have skipped this step.
3.Instead of microwaving for 2 mins you can keep refrigerated for min 20 mins.
4.You can also saute in pan for 5 mins instead of microwaving.
5.Keep a eye on salt. Just add a pinch.

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