Chicken Momos

yurekha vinoth | May 20, 2016 | |


For filling

Chicken Boneless
½ cup chopped
Spring onion
1 chopped
1 chopped
½ Tsp
Garlic Powder/Garlic paste
½ Tsp
Soya sauce
½ Tsp
Green chilli
½ chopped
Salt & pepper
For seasoning
Coriander leaves

For dumplings

Maida/ All purpose flour
1 cup + dusting


Hint Procedure

Mix-- All the ingredient mentioned in "filling table" - make roti dough- round shape-keep the filling inside and close-steam it for 20 mins- Ready

Detailed Method

1.Wash and clean the chicken with turmeric powder. Chop them finely. Add all the ingredients mentioned in the first table.

2.Prepare the roti dough and knead well until it becomes soft. Make thin roti like and shape with the cookie cutter or round shape material

3.Place the filling and make the dumpling shape as you wish

4.Steam for 15 min. Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Chicken momos. :)


1. 15mins of steaming was good for me. If you want steam for extra 5 mins.

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