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Suyyam is the festive sweet. We all gather for diwali festive once in a year at my grandma home. All DIL's will help together and prepare adhirasam,suyyam and many more diwali sweets for nonbu. After pooja, my first pick will be suyyam. Don't know why i'm that much addictive to this sweet. My all time fav. Must give a try recipe. Different methods are there to do this sweet and this is my moms way of doing.

As i told u the leftover poli filling only i'm going to make as suyyam. Chk my poli recipe here Poli


For batter

All purpose flour/Maida
1 cup
Salt & Water
As required
For frying
Baking soda(optional)
A pinch

For filling

½  cup
Channa dal/Kadala paruppu
½  Cup
4 pods


1.Soak the channa dal for 1 hour and pressure cook for 2 whistle with required water. Grind the cardamom pods with some sugar in mexer jar

3.Grind the cooked dal along with jaggery and make the filling ready. Add cardamom powder. If its become watery/loosen don't panic. Transfer to the kadai and stir continuously until it becomes thick and right consistency. 
3.Prepare the batter. Add water to the maida and make little bit thick batter. Add salt and pinch of baking soda(optional). Make sure no lumps are there.

4.Make the prepared filling into small balls.Heat the oil.

5.Dip into the batter and place into hot oil. Coat some more batter on the top. Maintain medium flame. Fry until you reach golden color both sides. You are done :)

My all time favorite suyyam. Serve hot if possible.


1.Shelf life is 2-3 days when refrigerated. Heat on tawa and microwave for 1 min before you serve.
2.You can also add grated coconut for the filling.
3.I used paagu vellam for this sweet. 

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