Pasta in red and white sauce

yurekha vinoth | March 31, 2016 |
I wanted to try pasta with white sauce. Nevertheless i don't know to cook in proper method.I always make pasta in chinese style :). We do love that style. I'll add all the ingredients what all i have ..blah blah blah....final output will be tasty though.:D. One of my friend she makes some good continental style pasta(with white or tomato sauce). Her hubby and my hubby were office colleagues that time My husband says she makes good continental style pasta which she gives to her husband for lunch.Whenever we are going there home i ask her to prepare pasta for us.It will be yummy ! :) Now they moved to different place and i miss her pasta :( One fine day i watsapp her for the recipe she also gave me the recipe. It was in my inbox for longer days. Then i taught of  giving a try by making pasta with sauces. Googled + referred her watsapp msg+applied my way of style. Result was per-fect-O !  Thank you Namrata (my friend name)

Source: Rajashri foods + friend + Self innovation
Time: 20 mins
Yields: 3 person


White sauce

1 Tbsp
All purpose flour
1 Tbsp
1 Cup

Tomato sauce

1 big

 Other main ingredients

Cooked pasta
2 cups
Olive oil
1 Tsp
1 big (finely chopped)
¼ cup (finely chopped)
½ cup
5-6 florets
Red chilli flakes
½ Tsp
½ Tsp
Hot chilli sauce
¼ cup
Tomato ketchup
¼ cup
Cheddar Cheese
¼ cup shredded
Spring onion(green part)


1.First let us boil tomato in small bowl. Boil for 5-10 mins. Cool it and peel the skin. Next Grind it nicely in a mixer jar. Red sauce is ready. They call as tomato concasse.

2.Next white sauce. In a deep pan heat 1 Tbsp of butter and add all purpose flour. Saute for 2 mins until color changes. Then add  1 cup of milk. Bring it to boil and saute until it gets thick. White sauce is ready.


 3.Let us prepare pasta now. First heat olive oil in deep pan. Add chopped garlic. Saute for few sec. Garlic should not change the color.

4.Add finely chopped onions and saute well. Add chopped capsicum and broccoli florets.saute well.

5. Add tomato concasse and allow it cook for 5-8 mins.

6.Now lets add some ketchup,hot chilli sauce,oregano and red chilli flakes. Mix well.

7. Add the prepared white sauce with required salt. Stir well. If its too thick add little bit of water.

8. I have already boiled pasta and kept ready. Put the cooked pasta into our sauce pan. Mix well. Check for salt.Keep in simmer and cook for 3-4 mins. Pasta should be coated well in sauce. Add some spring onions on top.

9.Sprinkle some shredded cheese on top and let it stand for 2-3 mins in simmer.So cheese gets melts.

Lets do plating now. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle some red chilli flakes and cheese on it. ymmm.. Tasty tasty! Try it


1.Make sure garlic is not changing to brown color
2.If the sauce is too thick add water little by little. Do not add any milk because it may curdle.
3.Make sure you add correct quantity of pasta for the prepared sauce. If you add more pasta, it becomes dry and taste less.
4.Parsley and fresh basil can be added for garnishing. Since it was not having that i added spring onions.
5.If you are giving for children do not add chilli flakes and hot chilli sauce. Just add tomato ketchup in step 6.
6.Add your own veggies.
7.If you are doing this recipe for some party prepare it and keep in convectional owen in very low temperature. Serve it hot when your guests are ready. :) She use do do this :p

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