Mutton biriyani

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Before marriage I don't know to make sambar but im good at making biriyani. Initially i learnt from my mom. Biriyani earned me a name as "Good cook". Everyone loves biriyani. This is one of my method of preparing. And it always a hit in my home.


½ Kg
Basmati rice
3 cup
3 Medium
2 Small
Green chilli
Mint leaves
1 bunch
Coriander leaves
½ bunch
Ginger garlic paste
1 Tbsp + 1 Tsp
Red chilli powder
½ Tsp
Biriyani Masala
2 ½ Tbsp + ½ Tsp
½ Cup
Turmeric powder
½ Tsp
2 Tbsp + ½ Tsp
1 Tbsp
4 ½ cups
For taste
Whole garam masala

Fennel seed
½ Tsp
Bay leaves
Star anise
½ Grated
Green Cardamom
Black cardamon
1 stick


1.Clean and wash the mutton with turmeric powder.In a pressure cooker add the cleaned mutton and add turmeric powder, 1 Tsp of ginger garlic paste and 1/2 Tsp of biriyani masala. Add required water and pressure cook the mutton until its gets cooked well. Reserve the water. Meanwhile,wash and soak the basmati rice.

2.Slice the onions,tomaro and green chilli.

3.In the pressure cooker heat oil and ghee. Add thw whole garam masala.

4.Add sliced onions. Saute well till onion becomes translucent. Add ginger garlic paste followed by.

5.Add slice tomato and green chilli. Saute well for 1-2 mins or until tomato gets cooked.

6.Add fresh mint leaves and saute again.

7.Now add the cooked mutton,red chiili powder,biriyani masala and required salt. Make a stir. Add 1/2 cup of thick curd.

8.Measure the mutton stock water and add required water. Totally for 3 cups of rice 4 1/2 cups of water need to be added. Check for salt and allow to boil.

9.Now add soaked basmati rice and stir lightly. Again check for salt and close the lid. Do not put whistle. Wait for pressure comes and keep in sim. Now put whistle and let the biriyai cooks for 20 mins in simmer. 

10.After 20 mins open the cooker and add chopped coriander leaves.Pluff it up with fork. Let it sit for 5 mins.Serve hot with raitha and brinjal gravy as your wish. 

Yummy tasty mutton biriyani !


1.You can marinate the mutton with curd,garam masala and biriyani masala for 2 hours.
2.Grinding mint leaves with green chilli will give you different favour to biriyani.
3.Here i have given quantity for 3 cups of rice. Adjust your biriyani masala spice +/-
4.1/2 Lemon juice can be added while boiling the water. I added lime juice at the end.
5.If you want cut adding biryani masala while cooking mutton in pressure cooker.I just added for flavors.

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