Homemade mayonnaise sauce

yurekha vinoth | May 19, 2014 |


Egg Yolk- 1 no(Room temp)
Mustard powder- 1 tsp
Lemon juice- 1 tsp
Salt- pinch
Sugar- pinch
Black/white pepper powder-1/2 tsp
Pure Olive Oil- 1 cup


1.First blend/hand beat the egg yolk.
2.Add mustard powder,lime juice,pepper powder salt and sugar. Again beat nicely for 2 min.
3.Add oil little by little and beat continuously. By adding oil your sauce will be thickening. When you reaches your final thickening stop adding oil and  beating. Homemade mayonnaise sauce is ready! Enjoy your dip!


  • Vegetable oil can also be replaced of olive oil.
  • Vinegar can be replaced by lemon juice.
  • If you feel your sauce is still watery and not thickening consistent add little more oil till you get your consistent. Only oil plays a role of thickening sauce
  • Add the oil very slowly, esp at the beginning.
  • Always use refined/Pure oil. Keep refrigerated immediately.

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